How do I fix Windows System32 Winload exe error?

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How do I fix Windows System32 Winload exe error?

Error in BCD File: Most commonly, the 0xc000000f error occurs because the BOOTMGR (Boot Manager) cannot locate the BCD file. The BCD file can be damaged or missing. It can also be corrupted due to virus attacks, and disk write errors, or power cuts.

Damaged System File : Damage to the system files, mostly due to sudden power cuts, is a reason for the Winload.exe 0xc000000f error to arise on your Windows. A similar thing can happen during disk write-ups when the process is interrupted due to power failure, and as a result, the file gets damaged.

Corrupted System File: Corrupted system archives, mostly due to a sudden power outage, are the cause of the Winload.exe 0xc000000f error associated with Windows. Something similar can also happen when writing to disk, when the solution is aborted due to power problems and the file is corrupted.

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What is the difference between Winload exe and Winload efi?

On UEFI based systems, winload.exe is commonly referred to as winload. and efi are in the same system32 directory. The EFI extension works best with the boot manager present in the UEFI firmware.

What is the difference between Winload EFI and Winload EXE?

winresume.exe is usually located in a folder named winload.exe. On UEFI-based systems, you can call winload.exe. efi and may well be in the same system32 folder. The EFI extension is only for the bootable executable present in the UEFI firmware.

What kind of EXE file is winload.exe?

Information about the operating system loader, such as winload.exe, is taken into account for each type of Win32 EXE application (executable). They are associated with the .exe file extension developed by Microsoft for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.

How do I fix Windows System32 Winload exe error?

March 26, 2020

  1. Use a launcher. In any case, be sure to use the Windows 10 installation DVD. So, insert the bootable DVD into any device and restart your PC. …
  2. Remove windows. old file. …
  3. Reinstall Windows 10. If the solutions above did not help restart the Winload.Bugs executable on Windows 10, try reinstalling the operating system.