How do I fix blue process critical process died?

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How do I fix blue process critical process died?

Windows 10 code stop process is critically dead. Critical_Process_Died means that a critical system process is dying, showing its own error code 0x000000EF and/or possibly a blue screen error. If a trusted critical system is malfunctioning, there will be a small number of problems with the operating system. Hence, it crashes and you just start showing errors on your computer.

What is a critical process error? The Dead Critical Process error indicates that a critical system process has failed with error code 0x000000EF. If a system-critical process does not ensure that you are running, the operating system will not start. You will get some sort of Critical Process Died Stop 0x000000EF error popup or blue screen related to your Windows computer.

Sometimes the correct sfc /scan command cannot fix the crash code history due to the Windows 10 blue screen of death. In this case, run DISM and restore all Windows system images. Servicing and Managing DISM Image Deployment is a command-line feature in Windows 10.

Depending on the depth of the problem that caused the Critical_Process_Died error, you probably won’t be able to start these PCs. This often happens when one corrupted driver is initialized right after Windows starts. If you can’t log in, how can someone fix something? The answer is simple: it can be described as entering safe mode or clean boot.

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How do I fix blue process critical process died?

To fix the critical death process, stop the code. Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter. Run this file system check. Run a virus scan. Launch Imaging Deployment and with it the Servicing Management Tool. Update your drivers. Uninstall the latest Windows updates. Perform a very clean start. Restore your system.