How do I fix the Windows 10 stop code 0xC000021A?

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How do I fix the Windows 10 stop code 0xC000021A?

What is the cause of 0xC000021A?

The PC won’t start because it enters a repair/diagnostic cycle and shows BSOD error 0xc000021a. Error 0xC000021A is most likely to appear when the computer’s system files have been infected, the update has failed, the software is running, or the job has not completed.

How do I fix the Windows 10 stop code 0xC000021A?

Boot directly into your system.
Go to the desktop and click “Start”.
Press the R and keys to open the Run utility.
Enter msconfig.
Press Enter.
In the Human Configuration System window, go to the General tab.
Click Selective Startup.
Clear the Load Startup Items check box.

How do I fix the Blue Screen of Death on startup?

Start your computer with installation navigation support.
Press “Next”.
Click “Repair your computer” in the four lower corners on the left.

Why does my laptop keep Bluescreening?

A blue screen occurs when Windows encounters a critical error that stops the execution of the corresponding operating system. These prevention errors can be caused by faulty hardware, faulty or poor quality hardware drivers, or faulty or cheaper applications running in the Windows kernel.

We apologize for most of the inconvenience caused by Windows 10. Did you run an SFC scan on a Windows 10 drive by booting into “Safe Mode with Networking” from your Windows 10 installation media? Error 0xC000021A can occur when Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe has stopped working. You usually need space when: System documents have become corrupted on your computer.

Blue screen error 0xC000021 (BSOD) usually has error checking code, while winlogon_fatal_error is basically ntstatus STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED code. Winlogon.exe is a new system file that is only responsible for logging a user into an account and therefore setting up a user profile. Therefore, this bsod error usually occurs when this process terminates unexpectedly.

When trying to start an application on Windows, an implementation error message appears: “The application could not start correctly (error code 0xc0000022)”. This is a major note because your Windows operating system is affected by the factors that the application runs on. Sometimes there can be multiple reasons for this error to appear on your device.