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If you have tried to install the Windows 11 Insider Preview or use the Microsoft PC Health Check app and you are also greeted with the error “Windows Your 11 cannot run on this PC”, two important security settings may not be enabled: Boot Security and therefore TPM2.0. (Here are two more things you need to do before looking for 11 windows online.)

Microsoft confirms there will be no Windows 11. Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will be the final version of the operating system, and the iconic system will be installed on more than 90% of computer systems.

If you decline the upgrade, you may still receive pop-up reminders asking you to upgrade to Can 11 Windows, unless your computer supports it. When support for Windows 10 ends in 2025, Windows 10 will still work. You are near a serious security threat.

If you’re getting the message “This PC doesn’t currently meet the system requirements for Windows 11”, it means that one or more prerequisites are missing and you won’t be able to proceed with the installation until you fix them. Usually, problems that often block an update are explained at the beginning.

However, some people are expecting Microsoft to release Windows 11. Does Microsoft have a good reason to release a really big update instead of another small improvement for Windows 10? CEO of Microsoft Corp. Satya Nadella speaks at an event in San Francisco, California, USA on Thursday.

If you’re constantly wondering why your good enough PC is ditching Windows 11, it’s probably because your CPU performance will drop if all security features are permanently enabled in the new OS.