How do I start wampapache64 service?

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How do I start wampapache64 service?

The service returned nearly all service-related code errors. WampServer (Apache and PHP MySQL) will not work properly if the service is not configured. The named Apache service reported this particular error: after AH00015: Could not open logs. The named Apache Satisfaction reported the following error: AH00451: No listening socket available, output below.

Right click and go to Properties in addition to wampapache64. Then change the startup type back to automatic. Repeat the same steps for wampmysqld64 and hence you are done. If you encounter any problems, please comment us.

Apache xampp/wamp won’t start in Windows 10 two services.msc solution. Scroll down to the World Wide Web Service post. 2 state. Double click the line that. 3 Automatic Then just click “Stop” to stop the WWWPS service. If you’re not into software that depends on the Microsoft IIS web server, don’t worry, you’re good to go.

First, look at the current event summary viewer. Click on this Windows link in the left menu, then in the Applications submenu. Look for messages from Apache with a red error icon. Second, open a command window, then in cd \wamp\bin\apache\apache2.x.y\bin replace x,y with your current current version.

What is the code for wampapache64 is not started?

Products and Services “wampapache64” WILL NOT EXIT Error code: 1066 Error 1066 Computer help message reads: Service arrived, service specific error code. WampServer (Apache, PHP and MySQL) will not work properly if the service never starts. The Apache service reported the following error as a tag: AH00015: Unable to open logs successfully.

How do I start wampapache64 service?

To troubleshoot, navigate to the WAMP web server icon on the plastic taskbar > > Manage Apache Services “wampapache64” > Install Service. This will open our command prompt on your screen. After closing the command prompt, navigate to the same and click on the path to start/resume the service.