How do I fix error 0x800ccc13 in outlook?

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How do I fix error 0x800ccc13 in outlook?

Reasons behind Outlook error 0x800ccc13 Malware or virus attack on your system that affects the entire computer. Due to a faulty/corrupt Outlook add-in that makes Outlook inaccessible. If the PST file configured with MS Outlook is corrupt. Due to bad sectors in hard drive.

The Outlook 0x800CCC13 error in Windows 10 can be resolved by running sfc /scannow command as an administrator in command prompt. In order to use System File Checker (sfs) you have to right click on Windows Start button and choose Command Prompt (Admin) Outlook 0x800ccc13 error

Overview of Outlook error 0x800ccc13 We often encounter several errors in Outlook that often interrupt Outlook. Error “0x800ccc13 Unable to connect to network”. Now, if you are facing this error while using Outlook, it means that you are unable to send and receive emails in Outlook.

We are seeing some bugs from post-upgrade Outlook users when they want Windows 10, especially reports of failures to send messages. Affected users receive error 0x800CCC13. ‘Task ’email home [email protected] Sending’ Unable to connect to our own network. Check your network connection, it could be a modem.”

Close Outlook and right-click the Start button. Now select Command Prompt (Admin) and Windows Powershell (Admin) if the game doesn’t show a command prompt. To do this, type /scannow sfc in a command prompt window. Now wait for the Windows system to scan to check and repair corrupted files. Then return the computer and system and open MS Outlook again.

How do I fix error 0x800ccc13 in outlook?

Start Outlook in safe mode

What to do about Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc13?

PST fixes provide the software with step-by-step information to resolve all issues, such as error 0x800CCC13: Unable to connect to meeting. Remo Repair Outlook software has a non-destructive mechanism to safely repair anyone’s damaged or damaged PST file.

How to get rid of Outlook error 0x800ccc13?

1 Press the Windows key + R on the piano and type Regedit on the Run screen. 2 In the window that opens, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run. 3 Delete the Outlook Error 0x800ccc13 group and reboot the system.

What is error 0x800ccc13?

The reasons behind Outlook error 0x800ccc13 is malware or virus infiltrating your system which is related to the whole computer. Due to a brand new buggy/corrupted Outlook add-in that makes Outlook unavailable. When the PST file created by MS Outlook gets corrupted. Due to bad sectors on the entire disk.