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“Microsoft Access cannot recognize the Discovery Wizard. This wizard was installed incorrectly or the Windows registry on your computer has incorrect settings, this wizard is disabled. To enable this wizard again, click the File tab, then Access Options.

If you try to open guru you will get the following error message: This feature is not installed, it is also disabled. To install this, re-run Microsoft or Office Setup from within Microsoft Office Access, or reinstall the add-in every time you use a third-party add-in.

The most common workaround that affected users are working on to remotely change their forgotten Windows Details account and bypass a specific error that occurred when the wizard tried to set a password is to use the built-in administrator subscription to manually reset the account information.

Press “Windows Key” to open Windows 10 troubleshooter not working. Share this topic. Steps: a. Press the Windows key to open the start menu.

Sometimes when the driver tries to print a picture, the Image Print Wizard may not work. Here is a guide to help you solve this problem. Open settings. Click Applications. Select Default Apps.

As an example, this page lists some common write errors: 0x80240034; How it works?