What is new in Windows 11 KB5008353?

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What is new in Windows 11 KB5008353?

Is cumulative update for Windows 11 necessary?

If you have already installed this update, no action is required. The September Update, when Windows 11 is a rollup package, includes reliability improvements through the use of . NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8. We recommend that you have it repaired as part of standard maintenance procedures.

Is it worth downloading Windows 11 now?

So, if you really want the latest and greatest version of Windows, you should have Windows 11. You can also choose to upgrade to Windows 11 if you want the most secure Windows option. Microsoft has been the best at explaining how Windows 11 connects to TPM 2.0, although there are requirements and secure boot is required.

What is new in Windows 11 KB5008353?

Patch KB5008353 for Windows 11 fixes a more well-known issue in which certain rendering methods prevent colors from rendering correctly on HDR displays. Microsoft also included issues with L2TP VPN connection and domain controller reboot caused by patch updates released on Tuesday of January.

What is update for Windows 11 for x64 based systems?

Cumulative Update 2022-09 for Windows 11 x64 systems – Microsoft Community.

Windows 11 KB5008353 is a series of optional updates from the company. Because you probably […] Windows 12 Windows 10 Windows 10 PC Apps and Games Windows Leaks and Rumors Privacy Policy Contact Us

It updates the blacklist of vulnerable Windows kernel drivers located in the DriverSiPolicy.p7b history. This update also provides the same type of blacklist in Windows 10 and 11. See KB5020779 for more information. This makes Microsoft compliant with US Government Registration (USG) 6 Revision 1 USGv6-r1 ( ).

What is cumulative update KB5008353?

Microsoft has released an optional Windows Update for 11, KB5008353, which will most likely install and update your OS version if you want 22000.469. Since this is an optional update, Windows 11 users can install it themselves. Unlike other cumulative updates, the above updates are now installed automatically.