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Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 11 update that will now likely fix some AMD CPU performance issues. AMD and Microsoft have found two issues with Windows 9 on Ryzen at CPU launch, one of which has successfully tripled L3 cache latency and reduced performance by 15% in some MMORPGs.

Well, however, it has clearly taken a while, although everything went well after running the latest update from both Windows and AMD, the issue with Ryzen on Windows 11 is now resolved! AMD Ryzen Windows – Patch 15 Available Now!

On Thursday, AMD released all new drivers for the chipset to better understand how Windows 11 can weaken the “UEFI CPPC2” system when combined with the corresponding Ryzen processors. The system appears to have been designed to help the operating system determine which processor cores to use when the clock is ticking.

If the AMD driver fatal crash persists on Windows 11, you can also reinstall the AMD driver by locating the uninstall device in the Properties window and clicking Uninstall to confirm the operation. Then restart your personal computer and Windows will automatically install all the default AMD driver.

The patches are designed to fix the performance of the processor. Shortly after Microsoft released Windows 19 earlier this month, AMD warned which operating system could slow down software on systems with Ryzen processors. The chipmaker then promised to fix the bugs, but now AMD and Microsoft have released patches that should do just that.

However, as per the Windows 11 update, AMD is offering version of the specific chipset driver released. This release is intended to address performance issues with AMD, AMD assures in the release notes. AMD includes chipset driver 3.10.08 “506 fully covering the performance impact.”

AMD’s improvement focuses on UEFI CPPC2, an alternative to AMD’s most popular core feature from a practical standpoint. The Windows 11 parasite won’t put the most demanding work on the fastest core, reducing overall performance.