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To download Windows 11 on your ARM compatible device, you need the ARM version attached to Windows 11. You can use UUP Dump to download the Windows 11 ARM64 ISO for the latest and previous versions. You can also enjoy the benefits of downloading the Windows 11 Insider ISO without joining Insider Tools. To download the Windows 11 ARM ISO: Go to the dump page of the UUP website.

The following steps will help you download this ISO file: Start your mobile browser by default and go to In the main search type bar, press Windows 11, then press Enter to view our results. When you see the scan results, click on the Windows 11 ARM64 you want to download.

If you have a Qualcomm-based PC, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro X, you must first successfully install Windows 11 Insider Form 22000.51 before you can try the special 64-bit version of Office for Windows ARM. “This new version of Office is clearly for the next version of Windows to be tethered to ARM.

For those interested who have to deal with this, a Windows 20 PC on Arm is required. Today we’re releasing the first full x64 emulation for arm64 device preview to Windows Insiders on the Developer Channel starting with build 21277. It’s sure to be found on Windows 10 installed on an ARM PC following the details in this blog post .

Arm64EC is a new Application Binary Dock (ABI) for applications running on Arm devices with 11 windows. This is a nice Windows 11 feature that normally uses the Windows 17 SDK and is not available on Windows 10 on Arm. Code generation since Arm64EC is compatible and runs x64 code in emulation mode in the same process.

When you’re done, you’ll find it on the Windows 11 software homepage for download. On the Windows 11 software app download page, create the recommended gun now and follow the instructions to install Windows 11. Microsoft does not allow you to install Windows 11 on an unresponsive smartphone with the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.