Why is my headset mic not working?

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Why is my headset mic not working?

Why is my headset mic not working?

Try these fixes: Allow Windows to access headset microphone (for 10 users).
Set default microphone
Update your audio drivers
Close other lenses that have access to the headset microphone.
Troubleshooting hardware issues

How to fix Logitech headset mic not working?

First, create a device and find the audio inputs and outputs.
After that, just click on it to expand that tab.
Then right-click on the microphone and click the Update Driver button from that drop-down menu.

How to fix headphones not working in Windows 11?

First, open the Windows Settings window by pressing the Windows key + I.
Then, when the settings window opens, stay on the “System” tab and click “Sound” on the right.
At the top, click on the “Choose where to play audio” drop-down menu to expand it.
Then click “Add this device”.
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Why is my microphone input not working?

Will this help someone troubleshoot problems with your current microphone? Select Start > Settings > > Solution Sound.
In the Input section, select a microphone stand to view its properties.
With the volume turned on, make sure the blue bar is set so that you are speaking into the microphone.
If not, go to the “Microphone test” section and run the test. Use this guide to troubleshoot microphone issues.

Here are some suggested solutions: If your headset has a mute button, make sure it’s not enabled. Make sure your company’s microphone or headset is properly connected to your computer. Make sure your microphone or headset is the default recording device on the system. Here’s how to do it in Windows 10: Click Start, then select Settings > System > Sound! ! ! !

Right-click the speaker icon on the Windows taskbar, then select Sound Settings. You can also access it from the Settings app in Windows 11. A window will open. Locate the “Input” section and view the list of available input microphones. Make sure the correct microphone is selected.

Windows 11 does not recognize the input microphone on the headset, it works fine. Windows 11 does not recognize the input microphone in the headphones, the output works fine. There is a Realtek permission option, but it’s not there.

Windows 11 may have affected connecting to multiple audio devices if it was at the same time, so you might want to try disabling other audio hardware you should have connected, whether it’s connected via USB or via Bluetooth. Check the headset cable.