How to fix runtime error 339 in Windows 10?

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How to fix runtime error 339 in Windows 10?

How to fix Runtime Error 339.
Reinstall the program.
Reregister the corrupted file.
Replace the missing or corrupted file.
Execute commands in Command Prompt.
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Data recovery tools can prevent permanent file loss.

1. Open “System” by clicking the Start button , click Control Panel, click System and Security, and then click “System”.
2. Under System, you can view the “system type” and it will say 32 or 64 bit Operating System.

Runtime Error 339 is a runtime error that notifies users that an OCX or DLL file may be missing and alerts them to issues related to Windows being unable to access, access, or use critical data. The occurrence of Runtime Error 339 may also indicate that some program files are corrupted, and this may be the case.

The error message usually appears in the full format: “Runtime error 339: duzocx32.ocx component not registered correctly or data file missing.” Note. Probably other .osx files are also included, for example: TABCTL32.ocx, ssa3d30.ocx, COMCTL32.ocx, RICHTX32.ocx, comct232.ocx. On average, a system contains about 10,000 OCX files.

How to solve error 339 or FM20.dll is missing at startup. If you encounter an error that “FM20.dll” was skipped, install the “activex Pad” control that is on the USB drive. If you get a loud error message while installing setuppad_ActiveX Control Pad.exe, click OK. Then specifically “Reinstall with recommended settings”;

How to fix runtime error 339 in Windows 10?

Execute commands as part of the command line

What is the error message for runtime error 339?

These are already the most popular data messages or error notifications related to Runtime Error 339: Error – Runtime Corruption 339: The component DUZOCX32.OCX is not registered properly or the file is missing. – Runtime Error 339. The component MSMASK32.ocx or one of its dependencies is far from properly registered; the file is missing or invalid.

How do I fix Runtime Error 339?

How to Fix Runtime Error 339Step 1: Unsubscribe and “duzocx32.ocx” from your PC. This process will unregister to remove the corrupted duzocx32. 2nd step. 5 – Download and save the “duzocx32. ocx” from an Internet file. Step 3 – Clean the Registry Download this registry cleaner.

Is there a runtime error 339 in Windows 10?

While Runtime Error 339 should definitely appear on computers running all modern versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Main Window or 8.1 and Windows 10), we might consider using Windows 10 as the base or reference operating system for our fix. .

What does runtime error 339 mean?

Runtime error 339 is a serious error that usually occurs when working with a . ocx is missing between a software application that you might want to install on your laptop. The error doesn’t have to appear during installation, but rather when you try to use the app for the first time.