Does disabling Superfetch increase FPS?

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Does disabling Superfetch increase FPS?

Right-click the Windows button in the lower-left corner of your desktop, then click Run. Type services.
In the Windows Service Manager, locate the Sysmain entry. Double-click it and set the Startup type status to Disabled.
Click OK, then reboot your system.

1. Disabling from Services app a. On the Start menu, type in Win + R to launch the Run window. b. Type services.msc on the Run dialogue box that appears and then clicks OK. c. Search for Superfetch down the list of services and right-click on the name. Choose Stop. This disables Superfetch immediately. d.
2. Disabling from the Registry Editor

Windows – 10 Start – Quick Access Menu – Open Computer Management On the left side, you can go to “Services and Applications” and then to “Services”. Select “SysMain” from the list of services by clicking “Stop Service”. This disables Superfetch. Then you evaluate whether your system performs better in practice.

The SuperFetch service was first introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista and has been part of all Windows Updates since then, including ten Windows Updates.

Long rare story as Superfetch causes high CPU and disk usage, disabling this particular issue will solve it. You can also verify this by opening the Task Manager. Just open the manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del and select task manager. Check Task Manager which process is using the maximum amount of CPU and disk.

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Does disabling Superfetch increase FPS?

It also disabled the SuperFetch process, Hola got a huge boost, and FPS performance increased while gaming. This finally fixed the disk usage problem by 99%. If you still have a used hard drive or PC, you should probably uninstall Superfetch to increase FPS during and after that gaming PC’s overall performance.

Is disabling Superfetch bad?

If you are using an SSD, Superfetch can be safely disabled.

Does disabling SuperFetch increase FPS?

This disabled the SuperFetch Hola process and improved the FPS performance during the game. In the end, this solved the 99% disk usage issue. If you still have a hard drive, or if you need an older PC, consider disabling Superfetch if possible to increase in-game framerate and performance on your existing PC.