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You have an outdated or damaged installer file. You might be trying to install an application with an old or corrupted installer file.
You downloaded the wrong package. Some systems are 32-bit, while others are 64-bit.
Your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.
Your Windows is not updated.
You don’t have full access to the installation folder.

Apparently, some applications may return the error “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package” if your computer does not meet the absolute minimum system requirements to run the smartphone application. Your Windows will not be updated. Many problems can arise due to an outdated system. Some users reported that upgrading Windows fixed this error.

Buyers also report “Failed to Initialize” errors and the installer is quarantined. Workaround: Antivirus software vendors and service providers will no doubt address this issue in order for the Acrobat Reader installer to be recognized as legitimate. Make sure the virus signatures on your computer are not up to date.

Check the Windows Installer service. a. Press Windows Central + R, type “services.msc” and press Enter. b.Check the status of Windows Services for the Windows Installer. against. If it keeps stopping, click the dropdown menu, click Automatic, and decide to click Start. to say it. Check the title of the issue. Hope the information helps.

Navigate to the Windows Installer service, which should be at the very bottom of the entire page. Right click on it and its properties. Under Type, select manual start. Click Apply > OK and restart your computer. Next, open a civil administrator command prompt.

Scroll down and also double-click on the Windows service “Install”. Click the Start button to publish the installation service. Go back to your desktop, right-click and look for the word “refresh” anywhere. Now try placing the package and see if the delivery stops.

[Solution] Adobe Acrobat installation failed 1. Check the permissions of the AdobeTemp file located at: [Windows]:\adobetemp. [macOS]: /adobetemp. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software, and then try downloading it. To learn more.

This error may well indicate a network error, but a CD-reading error indicates a problem with this package. The source cabinet is damaged. See Windows Installer Error Messages. Possibly away from [take action][alternative value button].